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Vehicle Maintenance Facility


Cleburne, Texas


Fibergrate 1-1/2” Deep Corvex® Molded Grating




Lightweight materials save end users money because the installation costs are lower than those of steel.

Corrosion Resistant:

FRP will outlast steel.

Low Maintenance:

FRP requires little maintenance and no repainting with minimal fading in a sunny environment.

Application Highlights:

The City of Cleburne, Texas, operates a vehicle maintenance facility that services the city's buses, trucks and other vehicles.

The service bay at the city's vehicle maintenance facility was an open pit, with only a sign warning of its potential danger. When new OSHA guidelines mandated that the service pit was to be covered when not in use, the City of Cleburne was forced to upgrade their facility.

Since the service pit is used by repair personnel on a daily basis, the city sought a durable cover light enough for one person to lift, yet strong enough to provide reliable, long-lasting protection. Because weight and ease of use were major concerns, installing heavy steel grating was not a viable option. The city decided on Fibergrate® Corvex® 1-1/2" deep fiberglass molded grating instead because its lightweight panels could easily be handled by a single employee.

In addition to being lightweight and strong, Corvex® grating provides maximum resistance against oil, fuel and other corrosive compounds commonly found in maintenance facilities. When the service pit is not in use, the FRP grating's slip-resistant walking surface also provides city employees with increased safety, reducing the potential for job-related accidents due to poor footing.

Vehicle Maintenance Facility - FRP in Transportation