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Red Silo Screening Project


Douglas County, Colorado


Dynaform® structural shapes; Fiberplate® (fiberglass reinforced plastic plate)

Red-Silo1.gif Red-Silo2.gif



Lightweight material save end user money because installation costs were lower than those of steel.

Aesthetically Pleasing:

Fibergrate was able to design a silo structure out of FRP to match the existing silos so the antennas would be camouflage.

No Cellular Interference:

FRP does not interfere with cellular signals, as steel products can.

Application Highlights:

With the growing number of cellular users, comes the need for more cellular towers. Throughout the United States there are many rural areas that require cellular antennas so cellular providers may provide their customers with more quality service. Cellular companies have been looking for ways in which to camoulflage antennas within these communities. Farmers and other land owners often rent their land to cellular companies to house antennae.

The dome structure was constructed of 90% Fibergrate and 10% steel. The silo houses 4 carriers, one being the dominant owner. The remaining structures and barns house the BTS equipment and switchgear. Fibergrate's Dynaform® structural shapes were used in constructing the frame, while Fiberplate® (fiberglass reinforced plastic plate) was used to create the dome's exterior. Not only did Fibergrate create an aesthetic structure, the FRP components will not interfere with the antenna signals.

Red Silo - Telecom FRP Product Solutions