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Hitachi Data Systems


Plainfield, Illinois


Platform system - Fibergrate grating with an added conductive coating; Dynaform structure; Dynarail railings

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High Strength to Weight Ratio:

Fibergrate's FRP products are capable of handling heavier loads than other materials, such as wood.

Application Highlights:

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) provides data storage solutions, storage management software and professional services. HDS has facilities around the United States that package computer mainframes and ship them to customers all over the world.

Previously, the packaging platforms were made of wood and would often splinter and chip under the weight of the mainframes. In an effort to upgrade the look and efficiency of the platforms and reduce the amount of static electricity discharged, the new design would have to include a crane that would lift the mainframe during packaging and a platform that could regulate the discharge. New technology and a need for an updated system led to the search for a new platform design.

HDS upgraded the computer mainframe packaging platforms and custom jib cranes that pivot 180° and remove the air in the polybags that contain the mainframes. For HDS, an upgrade in technology also meant an upgrade in the material used. Fibergrate provided FRP grating with an added conductive coating that reduces the amount of static discharge. A leader in technology, Fibergrate continues to research and develop multiple conductive and Electrical Static Dissipative (ESD) coatings for FRP products and similar applications.

Hitachi Data Systems - FRP in the Manufacturing Market