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PPG Industries


LaPorte, Texas


Fibergrate FRP molded grating 1-1/2" depth, 1-1/2" square mesh pattern, Vi-Corr® resin system

GRP Orange Molded Grating PPG    GRP Orange Molded Grating



Corrosion Resistant:

The corrosion resistant properties of FRP are able to withstand harsh chemical environments.


Easy to Install:

Fibergrate molded grating is lightweight and is easy to install and fabricate.

Application Highlights:

PPG Industries Chemical plant produces more than 50 million pounds of specialty chemicals for manufacturers around the globe. Chemicals produced at this facility include Chloroformates (used in pesticides, artificial sweeteners and pharmaceuticals) and acid chlorides and carbonates (used as solvents and alkylating agents in paints and other coating products).

Due to the chemical activity in the processing areas, corrosion resistance was a major concern for PPG's purchasing department and maintenance personnel. Fibergrate worked with PPG to analyze existing corrosive environments to determine the right solution for their needs. Vi-Corr® vinyl ester molded grating was chosen for its high corrosion resistance and ease of cutting. Fibergrate's fabrication services were utilized to cut approximately 3,000 square feet of 1-1/2" deep, 1-1/2" FRP square mesh grating for walkways and platforms around the processing area.

PPG Industries - FRP in the Chemical Market