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Battery Storage




Fibergrate FRP molded stair treads for shelving and 1" x 4" rectangular mesh molded grating for floor drains

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Corrosion Resistant:

FRP is able to withstand the severe sulfuric acid conditions found in battery storage and charging rooms, unlike wood which can disintegrate.

Low Maintenance:

Acid can be easily removed from the shelves and drains in the storage and charging room using a simple washdown procedure.

Application Highlights:

A battery storage and charging room is notorious for severe sulfuric acid conditions which rapidly break down most structural materials used to hold batteries. In a facility in Wisconsin, safety and corrosion resistance were two important factors in choosing Fibergrate products over wood which quickly disintegrates in such hostile environments.

In this facility, shelving was designed from stair tread panels chosen for its durable nosing which can withstand heavy wear caused by battery rotation. Floor drains were also covered with molded 1" x 4" rectangular mesh grating. Thanks to the corrosion-resistant properties of Fibergrate FRP products, acid is easily removed from the shelves and drains using a simple washdown procedure. Fibergrate's products have created a long-term, low-maintenance solution in the harsh corrosive environment.

Battery Storage - FRP in the Chemical Market