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Bank of Texas FRP Sunscreen


Austin, Texas


Fibergrate molded grating 2" depth, 2" x 2" mesh pattern, FGI-AM® Resin System, and 4' x 12' FRP panels

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Lightweight material saved end user money because installation costs were lower than steel products.


Corrosion Resistant:

Properties of FRP are resistant to the elements and will not rust and rot like other traditional materials such as steel and wood.


Low Maintenance:

Little maintenance required - no repainting, minimal fading in sunny environment, and will not need to be replaced every few years.

Application Highlights:

The goal of this project was to create a sunscreen to filter the harsh Texas sun and provide shade during the long summer months. The look for the sunscreen was to be high-tech, and industrial. Stainless steel was an obvious option for this project; however, the increasing price of steel, heavy weight, and cost for replacing steel due to corrosion soon had the bank looking for a much wiser investment.

Fibergrate was able to "cash in" on this architectural application by using 4'x12' panels of 2" deep FGI-AM® molded grating in gray. The gray color gives the appearance of stainless steel while the light weight of the material made fabrication and installation of the project a snap. The corrosion resistant feature of the FRP grating will definitely provide a strong return on investment for years to come!

Bank of Texas GRP Sunscreen - Architectural