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  • G R P Micromesh Molded Grating
     F R P Corrosion Resistant Boat Lift and Dock

    Micro-Mesh® Molded Grating Advantages

      • Corrosion Resistant
      • Lightweight
      • Long Service Life
      • Non-Conductive
      • UV Resistant
      • ADA Compliant
      • Slip Resistant

    Micro-Mesh FRP grating is used in variety of applications including docks, piers, boat lifts and decks in 4’ x 12’ panel sizes (3/4” square mesh opening on top surface). It is also used in and around pools, marinas, waterparks and other public recreational areas. Micro-Mesh has maximum UV resistance, has a comfortable surface for bare feet and is durable, with a high strength to weight ratio. Depth options include 1/2”, 1” and 1-1/2”. Micro-Mesh panels are the right choice to minimize vibration from rolling cart or wheelchair traffic. The panels with a 1/2" open area between bearing bars are ADA compliant and meet the "15 mm ball test."

    Micro-Mesh FRP access flooring system is designed as a low cost alternative where subfloor access and unobstructed air flow is required. Lightweight 2'x 2' Micro-Mesh panels are easily removed, providing ready access to electrical conduits, air supply plenums, and service lines.