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  • CXY Chemical Walkways


    Domino, Texas


    FRP Rigidex® Moltruded® grating 1-1/2" depth; 6" Dynaform® channel with ISOFR resin

    RIGIDEX®I Moltruded® grating CXY2.gif



    Corrosion Resistant:

    The corrosion resistant properties of Fibergrate's FRP are able to withstand harsh chemical exvironments.

    Slip Resistant Icon

    Slip Resistant:

    The slip resistant surface of Fibergrate grating would provide safety for workers responsible for handling and unloading chemicals, and also safety for those walking along the platforms.

    Application Highlights:

    CXY Chemicals needed to bring their rail car platforms into compliance for potentially hazardous material spills. As a result, CXY Chemicals installed spill containment areas at the sodium chlorate unloading terminal. 1-1/2" deep RIGIDEX®I Moltruded® grating was used to provide safe walking surfaces beside and between the rails with 6" Dynaform® ISOFR channel installed to support the grating. Both the customer and CW&W Construction, the contractor for the project, were happy with Fibergrate's service and materials and are interested in other products for additional modifications to their facilities.

    CXY Chemical Walkways - FRP in the Chemical Market